Sick Leave Bank Policy


The Sick Leave Bank is a benefit that is exclusively available to QACEA members.


1. QACEA will administer a sick leave bank. QACEA members are eligible to contribute to and join the sick leave bank. Contributors will be permitted to apply for use of the bank for salary payment for catastrophic personal illness/injury. Sick leave bank payments will be made only for regularly scheduled duty days after all accumulated leave time has been exhausted and are not otherwise receiving any related compensable benefits such as disability, workers’ compensation or unemployment, and other preconditions have been met. The annual rate of sick leave contribution will be determined on a year-to-year basis by QACEA in consultation with QACPS. Employees who have to use the sick leave bank and have an accumulated leave issue may request special consideration from the Superintendent.


2. Catastrophic illness or injury is defined as a life threatening condition or combination of conditions affecting the ability of the employee to fulfill their job duties as assigned. The catastrophic illness or injury must require the services of a physician.


3. A Sick Leave Bank Approval Committee comprised of at least three QACEA members shall have the authority and responsibility of receiving requests, verifying the validity of requests, approving or denying requests and communicating its decisions to the member and the Director of Human Resources. The committee shall develop its rules and procedures and general criteria for approval. Upon approval of the rules and criteria by the Board of the Directors of QACEA, the Committee shall give them wide distribution. The committee shall require a doctor’s certification of disability and shall have discretion establishing special limits or provisions for certain disabilities, i.e., mental illness.


4. Appeals of any decision of the Sick Leave Bank Approval Committee shall be made to the Superintendent of the QACPS.


5. QACEA shall indemnify and hold harmless the Board regarding any legal claims, actions or suits relating to QACEA’s administration, function and operation of the Sick Leave Bank.


6. The Director of Human Resources shall authorize payment of approved bank grants.


7. The maximum lifetime number of days that the sick leave bank will grant to an individual is 190. Maximum lifetime number of days that the sick leave bank will grant for mental illness is 95 days.


8. Contributions for new membership shall be made during the open enrollment period, which is between July 15 and October 15. Members returning from extended leave will be permitted to contribute to the bank on the approval of the committee. New employees may elect to contribute within the first 30 days after their effective date of employment.


9. All bank grants will end on the last scheduled duty day of the fiscal year for which the applicant is eligible to use sick leave. A new application must be submitted to the approval committee for a succeeding fiscal year.


10. If a member does not use all of the days granted from the bank, the unused sick leave bank days will be returned to the bank.


11. Any unused sick days remaining in the bank on June 30 will be carried into the next fiscal year.


12. Members joining the sick leave bank will be permitted to use the bank for personal illness 30 days after receipt of their application for membership by the committee.


13. There will be a three-day waiting period after all accumulated leave time is exhausted and the employee has been off work for catastrophic personal illness/injury for a minimum of 20 work days before sick leave bank benefits may be used. The three-day waiting period will be waived for relapses of the same disability. Employees who do not have the amount of leave required to cover the 20 day off work period may request special consideration from the Superintendent.


14. The contribution will be authorized by the member on the appropriate form and continued from year to year until canceled in writing by the member. Cancellation, on the proper form, must be received by the committee by June 30 and will become effective July 1. Sick leave contribution to the bank, properly authorized for a given year, will not be returned if the member effects cancellation for that year.

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