Sick Leave Bank



The sick leave bank is a benefit that is exclusively available to QACEA members.

The purpose of the sick leave bank is to provide sick leave to contributors in cases of incapacitating personal illness after the member’s accumulated sick leave has been exhausted.

How to join the sick leave bank:

For an application contact Karen Fields at [email protected]

Applications are accepted during the open enrollment period from July 15 to October 15.

For all new members an initial contribution of one sick day will be deposited to the sick leave bank.


  • Current employees that are new members to the sick leave bank will contribute to the bank during the open enrollment period, which is between July 15 and October 15.
  • New employees that join the sick leave bank may elect to contribute within the first 30 days after their effective date of employment.
  • Sick leave bank members returning from extended leave will be permitted to contribute to the bank on the approval of the Sick Leave Bank Committee.
  • Any additional contributions to the sick leave bank will be determined on a year-to-year basis by QACEA in consultation with QACPS.


If you are a member of the sick leave bank and need an application to apply for sick leave payments contact Karen Fields at [email protected] . Please note that a doctor’s certification of disability is required along with your application.


For more detailed information, see the QACEA Sick Bank Policy